White is transcendent, timeless and has an unrivalled versatility. From weathered paneling to crisp canvas shades, porcelain tiles to picket fences, white is everywhere in every form - that is why renowned North American paint brand Benjamin Moore® chose Simply White OC-117 as the 2016 Colour of the Year.

Often a colour that we forget how much we love, the polished minimalism of white is celebrated through the Benjamin Moore® 2016 colour trends. Demonstrating the power, adaptability and importance of this omnipresent shade, Simply White OC-117 has been unveiled alongside a corresponding palette of 23 colours, illustrating its formidable versatility in endless interior and exterior schemes.
With over 250 whites in its colour collection, the Benjamin Moore Colour and Design Team carefully reviewed each and every hue in order to find the perfect shade. Seen as the most neutral, level and constant white in the various light sources used in today’s design environments, Simply White (OC-117) was chosen. A warm white, it felt the cleanest and the most versatile and looked fresh with both a warm and cool palette, making it the ideal choice.
From the elegance and beauty of layered whites to striking, bold contrasting schemes and warm rustic textured settings, the 2016 palette surrenders to the intricacies of white, reminding us to take a break from our busy lives and enjoy the beauty, cleanliness and power of this eternally remarkable shade.
Underpinning all of the fantastic Benjamin Moore product lines is the proprietary Gennex® Waterborne colourant technology. All Benjamin Moore paints are custom mixed, giving customers access to an unrivalled palette of colours. Gennex® colourants fortify the paint to enhance colour durability for a long lasting and resilient finish.

A. Front Wall - Ballet White (OC-9), Natura® Flat, Trim and door - Ballet White (OC-9), Advance Satin,
Floor - Mascarpone (AF-20), Floor and Patio Low Sheen, Middle wall - Simply White (OC-117), Natura® Flat,
Far wall - Paper White (OC-55), Natura® Flat.
B. Walls - Ballet White (OC-9), Aura® Bath and Spa Matte.
C. Walls - Gray Owl (OC-52), Regal® Select Flat, Trim - Ice Mist (OC-67), Advance Satin, Door - Paper White (OC-55), Advance Satin.
D. Walls - Simply White (OC-117), Aura® Matte, Trim - Simply White (OC-117), Advance Satin.
E. Cabinets - Simply White (OC-117), Advance Satin, Walls - Mascarpone (AF-20), Regal® Select Eggshell,
Floor - Mascarpone (AF-20), Floor and Patio Low Sheen.
F. Walls and trim - Simply White (OC-117), Regal® Select Eggshell.
G. Wall - Ice Mist (OC-67), Aura® Eggshell, Front door - Black Ink (2127-20), Aura® Grand Entrance Satin,
Interior door - Patriot Blue (2064-20), Aura® Grand Entrance Satin. 
H. Walls - Enchanted (2050-50), Regal® Select Eggshell, Fireplace - Ice Mist (OC-67), Advance Satin.
I. Walls - Paper White (OC-55), Regal® Select Eggshell, Cabinet - Simply White (OC-117), Advance Satin.

Prices start from £17.00 for 0.94 litres from Regal® Select Matte and Flat ranges

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Shaw Paints Ltd
Benjamin Moore products are distributed exclusively in the UK by Shaw Paints Ltd. Established in May 2015 by founder Craig Shaw, Shaw Paints Ltd. shares the vision and values of Benjamin Moore and wishes to extend the company’s industry leading brands, products and services to become the clear benchmark for colour and quality in the UK.

Benjamin Moore & Co
Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore is North America’s favourite paint, colour and coatings brand. A leading manufacturer of premium quality residential and commercial coatings, Benjamin Moore maintains a relentless commitment to innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The portfolio spans the brand’s flagship paint lines including Aura® and Regal® Select, as well as the most environmentally friendly premium paint in the US marketplace, Natura®. Benjamin Moore is renowned for its expansive colour portfolio, offering consumers and designers more than 3,500 colours.