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To bring visual dimension to a space, the way that natural light and shadow interact with the colours of our home is one of the most important facts to consider. When selecting the 2017 Colour Trends palette, the Benjamin Moore Colour and Design team were particularly intrigued by the interplay of light and shadow and explored the way that light can make a colour change throughout the day and how this can be used explicitly in design. Pairing with the evolving trend of layering textures and tactile materials, the Design team studied how texture, colour and light all work together and how light can activate different shades in different ways by the hour.
True natural light is balanced between warm and cool tones, but it can vary depending on the time of the day, where you live and which way the room faces. A north facing room for instance will deliver an indirect and cooler light whilst a south facing room will generally have a warmer light. When choosing the perfect paint colour for the light in your home it’s important to also consider what the shade will look like in artificial light as different light bulbs emit different light tones, affecting the paint colour in various ways. To avoid disappointment, choose a colour that you are happy with at all times of the day, in both natural and artificial light. The sheen of your paint will also affect the appearance of your chosen colour. A more reflective finish, such as Benjamin Moore’s eggshell sheen, works well in rooms with diffuse, indirect light whereas flatter sheens work well in rooms with direct light.

Demonstrating a beautiful balance between lights and darks and taking into consideration the interplay of natural light and layered textures, the 2017 colour palette truly is a celebration of the versatility of colour and how beautifully it can transform the colours in our home.
Underpinning all of the fantastic Benjamin Moore product lines is the proprietary Gennex® Waterborne colourant technology. All Benjamin Moore paints are custom mixed, giving customers access to an unrivalled palette of colours. Gennex® colourants fortify the paint to enhance colour durability for a long lasting and resilient finish.

A. Wall colour - Stormy Monday 2112-50
B. Wall colour - Ebony King 2132-20
C. Wall colour - Dinner Party AF-300
D. Wall colour - Wish AF-680
E. Wall colour - Wish AF-680
F. Wall colour - Shadow 2117-30
G. Wall colour - Shadow 2117-30, Mantle colour - Ebony King 2132-20, Trim colour - Chalk White 2126-70
H. Wall colour - Shadow 2117-30
I. Wall colour - Shadow 2117-30
J. Wall colour - Chalk White 2126-70, Trim and Door colour - Chalk White 2126-70
K. Wall colour - Chalk White 2126-70, Stair Riser colour - Chalk White 2126-70
L. Wall colour - Iceberg 2122-50

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Shaw Paints Ltd
Benjamin Moore products are distributed exclusively in the UK by Shaw Paints Ltd. Established in May 2015 by founder Craig Shaw, Shaw Paints Ltd. shares the vision and values of Benjamin Moore and wishes to extend the company’s industry leading brands, products and services to become the clear benchmark for colour and quality in the UK. 

Benjamin Moore & Co
Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore is North America’s favourite paint, colour and coatings brand. A leading manufacturer of premium quality residential and commercial coatings, Benjamin Moore maintains a relentless commitment to innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices. 

The portfolio spans the brand’s flagship paint lines including Aura® and Regal® Select, as well as the most environmentally friendly premium paint in the US marketplace, Natura®. Benjamin Moore is renowned for its expansive colour portfolio, offering consumers and designers more than 3,500 colours.