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As the heart of the home, homeowners take great care and consideration in choosing a kitchen colour scheme. There are a number of things to consider when choosing what to paint and which colour to paint it in. Delivering exceptionally richer and truer colour in over 3,500 shades, Benjamin Moore paint can help you create a huge impact on your kitchen scheme from cabinetry to walls and even the ceiling!
When it comes to choosing the right colour, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. To help decide what type of colour scheme you want to go for, consider what you want your eye to be drawn to. If you want your island to really stand out, then opt for a contrasting colour to the rest of your scheme for your island cabinetry. For those seeking to make a feature out of their worktops, consider a cabinetry and wall colour scheme that will really make your surfaces stand out. The level of contrast you choose to have between your walls, cabinetry and island will accentuate different areas. Once you have decided what you want to be your stand out feature, you can then move on to choosing your ideal colour.
It is important to first think about how much of a refurbishment you are undertaking. If you are just looking for a kitchen update but not a complete overhaul, you must choose a colour scheme that will complement your existing surfaces such as your floor and your worktops. Study and observe how colours look and feel in your kitchen space at different times of the day. Daylight plays an important role in the appearance of colour, so make sure you test a few different shades to find one that’s right for your space.
If you want to stick with classically clean white cabinetry, bring colour into the scheme through your walls and accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix different colours for an added bit of impact and personality.
Even a glossy or laminate cabinet can be painted as long as the surface is primed with an adhesion promotion primer first, such as Benjamin Moore’s Stix. Ideal for cabinets and woodwork, Benjamin Moore’s Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd paint is easy to apply as well as extremely durable, making it perfect for the busiest room in the home. Being an alkyd paint, it delivers a flawless, brush-mark free finish with exceptional toughness, but since it is water-based, it eliminates the strong odour and difficult clean up associated with oil-based paints. As with all Benjamin Moore paints, it is available in all Benjamin Moore colours and whites.
Underpinning all of the fantastic Benjamin Moore product lines is the proprietary Gennex® Waterborne colourant technology. All Benjamin Moore paints are custom mixed, giving customers access to an unrivalled palette of colours. Gennex® colourants fortify the paint to enhance colour durability for a long lasting and resilient finish.

A. Wall colour - Stonington Gray HC-170, Wainscoting colour - Sparrow AF-720, Ceiling colour - Stonington Gray HC-170, Cabinet colour - Iron Mountain 2134-30.
B. Cabinet colour - Char Brown 2137-20.
C. Wall colour - Province Blue 2135-40, Ceiling colour - Baby’s Breath OC-62, Cabinetry & Raised Paneling colour - Province Blue 2135-40.
D. Wall colour - Silver Fox 2109-50, Ceiling colour - Pink Damask OC-72.
E. Wall colour - Oxford Gray 2128-40, Ceiling colour - Patriotic White 2135-70, Lower cabinet colour - Blue Hydrangea 2062-60, Upper cabinet colour - Guilford Green HC-116.
F. Wall colour - Silver Half Dollar 2121-40, Under island colour - Indian River 985, Through doorway colour - Old Pickup Blue 2054-60.
G. Kitchen wall colour - Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60, Cabinet colour - Normandy 2129-40, Hallway wall colour - Breath of Fresh Air 806.
H. Wall colour - Pale Green 436, Trim colour - Chantilly Lace OC-65.

The Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd paint is priced from £22.00 for 0.94 litres for the Satin finish and £24.00 for the High Gloss finish.

The Aura paint is priced from £24.00 for 0.94 litres for the Matte finish, £26.50 for the Eggshell finish and £26.50 for the Satin finish.

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Shaw Paints Ltd
Benjamin Moore products are distributed exclusively in the UK by Shaw Paints Ltd. Established in May 2015 by founder Craig Shaw, Shaw Paints Ltd. shares the vision and values of Benjamin Moore and wishes to extend the company’s industry leading brands, products and services to become the clear benchmark for colour and quality in the UK. 

Benjamin Moore & Co
Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore is North America’s favourite paint, colour and coatings brand. A leading manufacturer of premium quality residential and commercial coatings, Benjamin Moore maintains a relentless commitment to innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices. 

The portfolio spans the brand’s flagship paint lines including Aura® and Regal® Select, as well as the most environmentally friendly premium paint in the US marketplace, Natura®. Benjamin Moore is renowned for its expansive colour portfolio, offering consumers and designers more than 3,500 colours.